3 Essential Workout Machines for Your Home Gym

A home gym during the pandemic sounds like a wonderful idea.

Being able to exercise at your own time without the fear of COVID-19, and keeping the family safe, and improving immunity and overall health is the goal of every individual nowadays.

Most people are overwhelmed by the array of fitness equipment that’s available.
Often, people end up choosing the wrong set of equipment, overshoot the budget, or buy too much of the same type of exercise gear.

You need to meet your fitness goals even if there's no commercial gym available. To do that goal, your focus should be on covering all the bases and building a well-balanced home gym with different types of equipment that fulfills all your fitness needs.

Today, let’s look at the essential workout gear you need at your home gym.

Our Top 3 Equipment Picks For Your Home Gym

Cardio Training Equipment

What’s Cardiovascular Exercise Equipment?

Cardio or cardiovascular exercise equipment aids the users in performing smooth and continuous physical exercises that promote heart health, relieve stress, decrease weight, and advance overall good health.

The cardio machines are designed to help aerobic effort that elevates the heart rate for at least 15-20 minutes to start with. Thereafter, the user can gradually boost capacity and maintain an elevated heart rate for 60 consecutive minutes.

How Does Cardio Training Help?

By now, everybody knows that people with underlying conditions are at higher risk of hospitalization after contacting COVID. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio exercises a day or 150 minutes a week to help prevent the onset of these underlying conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

What’s the Best Cardio Training Equipment?

While we could include several machines in the category of cardio equipment, you need to start with the one that benefits you the most. The Abs Company SledMill is the perfect choice for your home gym.

This is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of workouts at your home. Pushing, resistance, walking, running, and a wide range of exercises are possible with just one machine.

The multi-purpose equipment features multiple training protocols, HIIT mode, 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and more.

Workouts that normally require a large area (50 feet or more) can be done at home, thanks to The Abs Company SledMill.

The space-saving, compact design also allows you to gain strength without attempting any complicated moves. Plus, you don’t need more than one machine for your cardio training. The multiple speed levels will allow your family members to set their own goals and work towards them.

Strength Training Equipment

What’s Strength Training Equipment?

Workout items that help users increase muscle size and strength fall under this category. The type of equipment you use must depend on fitness goals, preferences, and needs.

Users have plenty of options in this category. These include strength training machines, stability balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, exercise bands, and weighted body bars.

How Does Strength Training Help?

Physical and mental health has become causalities of the pandemic. Many experts also agree that lack of exercise and mental problems can affect our immune system. Reduced immunity can make our body vulnerable to COVID.

The American Heart Association and the American Council on Sports Medicine have recommended including strength training along with aerobic exercises for better physical and mental health.

Experts recommend the inclusion of strength training in the workout routine for people of all age groups. You need to partake in any form of strength training at least two times a week.

What’s the Best Strength Training Equipment?

This will require no convincing because every home gym must have a dumbbell set.
You need a dumbbell set, so why not opt for the most weight for the least amount of money? The MX Select MX55 Adjustable Dumbbells and Rack Set is the right strength equipment for your home gym.

This space-saving strength equipment precludes you from buying a 10-piece dumbbell set. Each dumbbell offers a minimum weight of 10lbs and a maximum of 55lbs.

The MX Select MX55 is the perfect dumbbell system for your home gym. It also comes with a neat, space-efficient rack. This single pair of the dumbbell can fulfill the requirement of all your family members.

To use the dumbbell, adjust the weight (select a weight between 10-55 lbs) by turning the dial, pick the bells from the rack, and begin your workout.

Core Training Equipment

What’s Core Training Equipment?

These are exercise machines that train and strengthen those parts of the body referred to as the Core. This includes the front, back, and side muscles of the mid-section.

Muscles such as lower lats, obliques, erector spinae, and transverse abdominis form part of the core. The core muscles play a vital role in the balance, stability, and flexibility of the body.

How Does Core Training Help?

Weak core muscles result in back pains, weight gain, poor balance, etc. Furthermore, strengthening the core muscles will increase the impact of aerobic and strength training.

All around the world we’re witnessing an increase in the sedentary lifestyle due to lockdown and work-at-home. This has led to weak core muscles and weight gain.

Working on the core muscles will also help you in everyday tasks. Hence, core training is for everyone (i.e.) for people of all age groups.

What’s the Best Core Training Equipment?

You can very-well discard the aerobic and strength equipment if you don’t have the Abs Company LumbarX machine. This single piece of equipment will allow you to do a wide range of roman chair, ab, and hyper-extension exercises.

This must-have home gym equipment also helps develop the hamstring, lower back, and glute muscles. The machine is comfortable and compact. The 45-degree bench enables the users to perform a variety of core exercises.

Final Thoughts

The space available at home and the budget are important considerations while planning a home gym.

Well, the three essential home gym equipment discussed here do not occupy too much space. These are a must for the overall health and well-being of your family.

hey are your best bet against COVID and the pandemic. Plus, these exercise machines are efficient and affordable.

What are you waiting for? The time is right to set-up your home gym and kick-start your health journey. Shop Now.

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